NPK 19:19:19 Water Soluble Fertilizer

NPK 19:19:19 Water Soluble Fertilizer

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Color Pink
Form Powder
Pack Size 25 Kg
Pack Type Bag
Usage Agriculture
Composition Nitrogen(N)19%, Phosphate(P2O5) 19%, Potash( K2O) 19%
Dosage 1-3 Kg/Acre

Benefits :
  • 100% water soluble, blended with all essential micronutrient in EDTA-Chelated Form.
  • Causes rapid & healthy growth of crop & recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrient supply.
  • Increases resistance against the pest and diseases by keeping plants healthy, ultimately reducing cost on the pesticides and fungicides.
  • Causes early and uniform flowering, prevents flowers and fruits dropping, resulting in more yield.
  • Improves fruit quality: Weight, color, size and shelf life